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Vitrine Corp., is a company born 2003 to facilitate and assist supervision of global operations involving acquisitions of many types of commodities from looking for qualified buyers that have immediate interest in purchasing available products throughout the world.

 We work direct with sellers to help find serious buyers or excess inventory of originating from cancelled contracts, bringing together both sides so the negotiation will be beneficial for all.

 After two (2) years of operation, we established and finalized a series of contracts with manufacturers and mandates en several parts of the world and accepting soft offers for commodities such as Fuel Ethanol, Gold Bullion and Dust, Manganese, Iron Ore, Sugar, Arabica Coffee, Cement, Soybeans, Corn, Rice, and Milk Powder

 If you are a Buyer or Buyer’s Mandate, contact us.

 If you are tired of running behind commodities that don’t really exist, with under pricing that does not exist, we invite you to consolidate a partnership with facts, as many have done already, because we just offer commodities or products when we are Mandate or Representative.

 Vitrine Corp just works with verified sellers, working directly with sellers, manufactures as Mandates or Reps and Mandates.

 If you are a buyer, mandate or close to one, contact us and let us prove our efficiency with your next purchase.

 Please excuse us, but we don’t work with long chains of intermediaries.  


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